Dating Warning Phrase | Phrases to Listen For

Dating Warning Phrases

By Roxy

What happens to you when you first meet someone who seems interesting? The guy looks over at you and smiles. He looks handsome, seems cool, and appears interested. Yet, too many wolves parade as “the perfect catch.” For this reason, I’ve assembled a list of dating warning phrases. Hey, everyone knows that Los Angeles is a tough place to find someone, so these dating warning phrases should give you pause as to what to listen for. So here are the main dating warning phrases to consider:

Dating Warning Phrase #1: “Um, I’m not sure where this is going.” Ever hear this one? Most likely you’ll hear this dating warning phrase within the first few days of even knowing the guy. You’re at a point where you don’t know even know him that well or if he is someone you would even consider for a long-term relationship. After all, you just met. So if a guy says this, he’s warning you that the old “I’m not really looking for a commitment” conversation also should be heading down the road very soon. After all, who knows what “this” is going to be exactly anyway. So if he verbalizes feelings of uncertainty already, he’s just priming you for an upcoming let-down. This kind of guy is not really serious – at  least not right now.

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Dating Warning Phrase #2: “I have a very busy schedule.” Face it, everybody is busy these days, aren’t they? But married guys are even busier BECAUSE they’ve got another woman at home to attend to!! And maybe even a couple of kids!!!

Sadly, it’s a fact, that it’s easier for a married guy to see somebody for trysts during the afternoons and/or breakfast sex in the mornings, than for weekends, holidays or just spending quality time together during the week. Also, if he isn’t married – he is saying indirectly that you don’t matter as much to him. Maybe he’s still making-up with his ex!!!

Therefore, when a guy is repeatedly saying that he’s too busy, it’s a warning and your antennae should go up! Busy people can and IF they want them to work badly enough.

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Dating Warning Phrase #3: “We broke up because my girlfriend was just too jealous.” Or “My girlfriend couldn’t handle all the other women I’m around.” Hmmm. When a guy brings up insecurity issues early on, it should be a cause for your concern.

First, why bring up past relationships in the first few days of meeting someone?

Also, when you hear this warning phrase it usually means that the other person is STILL thinking about that past lover and hasn’t moved on.

Second, while there are people who DO get more jealous than other people, sometimes the warning phrase means to watch out for flirty behavior.

This kind of behavior tends to bring out the worst in others. Even the coolest cucumber can burst into flames. In other words, maybe he got DUMPED because he was cheating on that chick.

Final Dating Warning Phrase: “I don’t usually act this way.”

Ever hear this one? “I don’t usually act this way.” What does it mean? Sometimes it’s accompanied by the accusatory phrase, “It’s you. YOU do this to me.” When you hear this warning phrase, your response should be a skeptical one, like: “Sure, buddy.” Look, I know we all want to believe this person, but the best thing to do is to walk away. Or maybe even run away. Trust me.

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