Free Weight Loss Tips

Free Weight Loss Tips

Because people have asked me how I lost 28lb of fat, I’m gonna tell you!


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Hiya Gang,

If you are struggling with weight loss, I know EXACTLY how you feel.  Frankly many people have felt the same way, too… You feel FAT, right?   What I have found is that it IS possible to change and maybe one of these strategies will help.

Please note: I’m not exactly a gym rat, and pretty much okay-looking.  Not skinny like  Miley Cyrus or some Hollywood celeb!  When I get to exactly where I want to be I’ll share with you some before and after photos.  For the moment though you’ll just have to believe me that I’m now about 28lbs lighter than I was 6 months ago, and I lost mostly fat.

Having said that, I’d like to share a free weight loss tip (or two) that have worked and some of the things that haven’t worked for me over the last few years as my weight has yo-yo’d up and down and back up and back down.

Things that didn’t work:

Free Weight Loss Tips #1. Do NOT drink alcohol at night

I used to think I could be like the swimmer, Michael Phillips who could excercise like crazy during the day and then eat like a pig at night!  But what I found is that I wouldn’t eat much during the day, and be like a snake swallowing a rabbit at night. Not only that, I used to come home and down a bottle of wine, or chug down a six-pack of beer. Usually just to relax or calm my nerves from the stress of the day. Then somebody gave me a free weight loss tip. He suggested that I could lose five pounds in one week by not drinking coffee during the day and stopping my nightly alcohol intake. Instead, he suggested drinking green tea in the morning and then taking a couple of aspirins with a glass of water or tea to calm down my nerves at night. So I tried it for a week, and guess what? It works! Amazing, what a difference that makes! (I think I dropped 5 pounds in ten days to be honest!) If you can just stop drinking coffee in the morning and alcohol when you get home at night then your exercise will count for more and you won’t undo the good you did during the day. Having mentioned the dreaded word “exercise” a weird Chinese remedy that helps lower blood pressure involves applying pressure on the body’s meridian lines. If you want to learn more about using this weird technique

Lesson I learned: Don’t use food, coffee or alcohol as a reward.

Free Weight Loss Tips #2. Dieting with NO exercise = Bad combo

If you don’t eat much during the day and not exercise, if you’re like me, then you’ll watch TV on an empty stomach. And guess what will show up on the television? YEP! Food!  Inevitably, you will notice all the beer commercials, bon-bons, donuts and M&Ms that you’ll CRAVE! And/or you will notice the food that people on the TV programs are eating and you will start licking your chops. But when you don’t exercise, not even take a brief walk, it makes you feel like sh*t. Also, you can lose weight, but not specifically lose fat which is really what you want to be doing. Now, having said all that, if you want to learn how to exercise less, eat correctly and retrain your mind so you will KEEP the weight off, I would recommend this program but it’s not cheap. The results are pretty fantastic tho.

Free Weight Loss Tips #3. Isagenix Diet Plan

Friends at the gym turned me on to Isagenix, and I did try it for several months. And it DOES work! Wow, I felt great too. There are only two challenges One: It’s not easy. For example, there is is one day of fasting – they call it a “cleansing” day. Challenge #2: It’s not Free or even close to being free. The stuff is like gold. (I think it cost like $175 a month for two people). Again, it works. But I just felt that it was too expensive and quit paying for it to be Fed-Exed to my house every month. So I cancelled my subscription and moved on.  It’s clearly worked for other people in the long term, but it didn’t work for me.

Things that absolutely have worked:

Weight Loss Tips #4. Get Your High School Body Back. Drops you add to your food. It works! When I did this, a friend on Facebook wrote on my wall: “You already know what you’re doing wrong, JUST STOP DRINKING AT NIGHT AND PUTTING SH*T LIKE POTATO CHIPS AND ICE CREAM IN YOUR MOUTH. GET YOUR BODY MOVING, BI*CH!.  GET SOME REGULAR EXERCISE.  DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, EVERYDAY AND YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.”

To be honest, the above statement, SHOUTED in all caps, is all you really need to know.  Seriously. But the high school body stuff does help! I’ve also found that it helps to have some specific advice and weight tips to follow.

Another free weight loss tip – this one for guys athletic-body-workout

So I have “invested” in a few diet books and videos for an additional weight tip or two. Here is a question some people ask: why do I buy more than one weight loss program? I mean, isn’t one program, like athletic-body-workout more than enough?

Answer: Most men who want to improve their golf swing won’t buy just one golf club will they? Or just ONE dvd on golf? They’ll want to learn from Tiger Woods AND Lee Trevino. Or let’s say that you want to improve the roses in your back yard. Will you just buy ONE gardening magazine? Or read ONE book on the subject? The same thing with these free weight loss tips. You know what I’m talking about. Likewise, I think it helps to get some fresh fat-burning ideas!

Free Weight Loss Tips #5.  Tom Venuto’s burn-da-fat.

I bought the burn-da-fat course a couple of years ago and am pushing it cuz it works!  Followed it.  Lost about ten pounds in 4 months, felt great too. Tom believes that weight loss involves fat loss.  Basically boils down to eat well and do some exercise.

Of course, then I got distracted with work and other crap in my life and put it all back on again.  But that’s absolutely not the fault of the program.  The program works.  It’s just when you ignore the program eat ice cream at night there’s not much ANY program can do for you.  If you pay for a program and then don’t apply it, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t work.

This one does work though and I do honestly recommend buying and following it.

You can get it here:  Tom Venuto’s burn-da-fat


Free Weight Loss Tips #6. visual-impact (for both guys and gurlz)

Bought this 89 page book near the start of the year.  ln terms of content, the diet / exercise stuff is similar to burn-da-fat but you also get some random stuff thrown in like looking good for your hubby.

Motivational? Yes. Inspiring to read? Definitely!  Lost about 6lb in the first week after visual-impact and about 20lbs of fat in total over the 2 months after doing the program. So if you want more free weight loss tips check it out.

You can get it here:  The visual-impact program  There’s one for guys too. it works!

Free Weight Loss Tips #7. Kyle Leon’s Muscle Maximizer

A guy friend bought Muscle Maximizer and REALLY likes it so i borrowed it and didn’t give it back. This was about 6 weeks ago when I needed some fresh inspiration.  In summary, it says ‘get down to the gym and pump iron. Drink protein shakes and take nutritional suppliments.

Ok, so what have I done?  Go down the gym 3 times a week (up from ZERO times a week before buying – had just been walking mostly).  Drank a lot of protein shakes (PhD Iso 7 to be exact) and completely ignored the suggested diet, sticking with the one from the high school body instead (due to the fact I’m a vegetarian and the high school body one is adaptable for eating veggies, and the Muscle Maximizer one isn’t really.)

So as far as free weight loss tips go, I’ve actually built stronger muscles, and have lost fat not just weight.  My arms feel really solid.

Overall, there’s probably nothing much in here that wasn’t already in ‘ burn-da-fat ‘, but sometimes you just need a fresh person to get you off your ass and into the gym, right?!!

What I really love about this program though is the gym program.  Very clearly laid out and simple to follow.  Also done in such a way as it’s not daunting and something to avoid.

You can get this program here: Kyle Leon’s Muscle Maximiser

Final Free Weight Loss Tips

Okay, I’m gonna leave you with some final free weight loss tips. It’s a saying of mine:

“The WORST part of my day is heading off to the gym. The BEST part of my day is leaving the gym after a great work-out!”

I hope at least one of these weight-reducing ideas or Free Weight Loss Tips will be useful for you!



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